Brand Story

The Brand

With its roots dug deep in quality craftsmanship and refined bespoke services, gg petit identifies itself as a designer brand spreading happy vibes through vivid & modern fine jewelry.

gg petit products are designed with an artsy and unconventional mindset. The brand embodies youth and free-spirit through bold playful colors, minimalistic yet sublime textures, shapes & designs which are rarely seen in traditional fine jewelry concepts. 

The brand takes pride in creating powerful, unique & futuristic precious jewelry and strives to deliver impeccable customer service along with on-point jewelry consultation.


 The Make

Taking advantage of an established manufacturing setup in Mumbai, every piece of jewelry is made & sold at source. gg petit designer products are made available to you at unmatched prices and finesse. You will know that you have purchased a top quality luxury product when you receive a gg petit package!


The Founders

gg petit is founded by Pranay Jain, Aayush Jain & Dhruvi Vakil in the year 2020 as a minimalistic version of their heritage jewelry brand, Gulmohour Garden-Bespoke Diamond Jewellery.

MBAs and Diamond Specialists by qualification, they are passionate about creating fine jewelry that resonates with the likes of modern, independent, corporate & youthful audience. The trio, being associated with GIA, IGI & other reputed institutes, are known for having an exquisite taste in luxury jewelry and a perfectionist attitude in its making & delivery.

Together, they are focused on evolving this enterprise from being a local boutique to a global brand.