GG Petit Head and Heart Mojo Bracelet

GG Petit Head and Heart Mojo Bracelet

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  • Description

    Achieve the perfect balance between your head and heart with our GG Petit Head and Heart Mojo Bracelet!

    This stunning bracelet features a combination of powerful Amethyst and delicate Kunzite gemstones, known for their ability to activate the third eye and crown chakras, promote clarity of thought, and enhance intuition and spiritual awareness.

    The 18kt gold balls add a touch of luxury to this already beautiful piece, making it perfect for any occasion. Wear it as a reminder to stay centered and grounded, and to always listen to the voice of your inner wisdom.

  • Product Details

    - Elastic Fit
    - Natural, meaningful Gemstones
    - 18kt Gold Bubbles
    - Double Tour: 2 line bracelet with 11 metallic bubbles
    - Single Tour: Single line bracelet with 7 metallic bubbles
    - Certificate of Authenticity provided
    - Gift-ready Packaging

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